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Welcome to, my name is Roy Travert, I have been training in Ed Parker's Kenpo for over 30 years and continue to train on a daily basis. A little about myself. In 1983 I started to train in Kenpo Karate, it was to be the start of many years of hard work. The training sessions in the early days were extremely long, some sessions would last up to three hours and for those of you that would remember they were extremely physical. The warm up would last for the first half of the session and Karate practice for the second half.

As the years progressed I attained the rank of first degree black belt in the spring of 1989, the grading was held in Plymouth England, and I was fortunate enough to have graded for my black belt under Senior Grand Master Ed Parker. I believe the training in the early days was a fantastic base from which to fight from. It was a time when basics were taught as a progressive learning cycle with one move chronologically triggering the next. Spontaneity was encouraged and expressed with students taught to think for themselves.

As the years have progressed I have seen and trained with some of the greatest Kenpo instructors the art has to offer and yet Iím intrigued as to what Mr Parker would think of the art as it stands today. People create their own style of Kenpo, the way in which they move, whilst we use the system of Kenpo to practice and refine those movements based on proven scientific principles.

Senior Grand Master Ed Parker

Mr Parker passed away on December 15th 1990, since his passing the many black belts that trained with him have endeavored to perpetuate the art that he started. Some have added to the system, some have removed elements out of the system feeling it was getting to heavy and congested with "new" material. Whilst these "new" forms and sets have been added, the basic concepts, theories, and principles will remain the same for all. Through his efforts and commitment, the art of American Kenpo has become more structured and comprehensible as he labeled and defined the concepts theories and principles, which make up his art of American Kenpo Karate.

Kenpo Today

Today there are students and instructors practicing and teaching the art that Mr. Parker started over 40 years ago, who never had the great fortune to meet the Senior Grand Master of American Kenpo. Throughout his life Mr Parker sought to share the knowledge he had acquired through his teachings and training. His fervent desire was to spread the art of Kenpo not only for the life saving physical skills the art has to offer, but also the mental discipline and confidence it can bring to practitioners of the art.

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