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Kenpo – How to Survive Life is the first book in this series, it is an introduction into the basics that form the Kenpo system, and how they are applied for self-defense purposes. It explains the correct application of basics that includes stances, blocks, kicks, and strikes. It has a comprehensive explanation of Short Form 1, the Universal Pattern, and an introduction into the club techniques. There are specific chapters explaining the benefits of self-defense techniques, form training, and freestyle fighting. It is an introduction to the concepts and principles that Kenpo Karate contains with a no-nonsense approach in applying them.
Kenpo - Eye of The Storm is the second book in this series of three from American Kenpo Black Belt Roy Travert. It is an introduction to the club techniques of American Kenpo as taught by the late Ed Parker. The book covers the basics a beginner should learn, which includes how to hold the club, the correct length it should be, as well as the correct stances and target areas to strike.
Kenpo -21 is the third book in this series on Kenpo; it is about the application of Kenpo from my own personal perspective and how it is essential to apply Priority Key Principles to your training. After working in the security industry for over 15 years I have seen some horrendous violent crimes inflicted on innocent people and the damage that has been done to them. Life is full of violence, it is simply a fact of life, it is how you learn to deal with it that is important. Developing the correct mental, as well as physical fighting skills that contain valid proven principles of motion, based on scientific and practical experience, is essential to protect yourself in today’s increasingly hostile society.

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