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Another year has passed and I would like to say thank everyone who has supported throughout the year. It was very satisfying to publish the third book in this series on Kenpo, Kenpo 21 being the new title. I have some new projects underway which I will be working on in the new year, I will of course keep everyone posted as to the progress of them.

I have 2 projects that I am presently working on at the moment, the next book is titled Kenpo – Contact Manipulation – Locks, Chokes and Holds. This is a look at the contact manipulation techniques we apply throughout the techniques in Kenpo and how they transfer into actual real life situations. I have worked the door for over 13 years and have used these techniques in real life situations to lock, restrain, pin and choke an aggressive attacker to the ground. When you have 5 guys attacking you the street is not the place to get it wrong. Your techniques must work the first time, you may not get a second chance to apply it again.

The second project is a renewed look at the techniques of Kenpo. It has been 40 years since Mr Parker wrote the original techniques and it is time they were modernized and made fit for the 21st Century. I have already started to reformat them and have created new journals which will be split into 3 groups. Yellow to Purple belt, Blue to Green, Brown to Black belt. My intention is to add the experience I have gained working in a real street environment into the techniques rather than what you are told as “this will happen when you do this” type of scenario which is frequently taught in the Dojo by instructors that have never experienced real street fights.

People die every day on the streets of cities all over the world through the intentional violence of someone else. December is one of the worst times of year where people are drinking far too much alcohol and partaking in recreational drugs. It is probably the worst month of the year for antisocial behavior and violence. Many times, people will end up in a compromising situation simply because of too much alcohol.

If you are at a works party and someone is trying to force feed you shots, be strong enough to say when you have had enough. Do not let anyone pressure you into drinking any more than you are comfortable with. When you have had enough get a taxi home or book a night in a hotel and travel home the next morning. Never drink and drive, and always stop drinking when you had enough.

Enjoy yourself when you go out, but remember to always keep your wits about you, criminals never stop looking for an easy target and when you drink alcohol you simply become one. Team

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This is the third book in this series on Kenpo, it is about the application of Kenpo from my own personal perspective, and how after thirty years of training and working in the security industry, I have seen some horrendous violent crimes inflicted on innocent people and the damage that has been done to them. Life is full of violence, it is simply a fact of life, it is how you learn to deal with it that is important.

Developing the correct mental, as well as physical fighting skills that contain valid proven principles of motion, based on scientific and practical experience, is essential to protect yourself in today’s increasingly hostile society. The twenty-one key principles found within this book will enhance, aid, and improve the physical and mental skills taught in American Kenpo Karate system. They are priority principles found in all martial art systems and can be used by anyone regardless of what they are learning. Having an in-depth knowledge of these principles entails having an understanding of physics and how this knowledge will transfer into understanding the sophistication found in basic self-defense techniques.

Ingraining them into your subconscious mind will increase the speed at which you retain information, and how it is understood and processed by the person learning it. The end goal of any practitioner is to develop this skill set to attain a flexible powerful and functional mindset. This is then complemented by the use of physical self-defense techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones.


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