Real Blood on Our Streets 

For many people the idea that violence only happens to other people is probably the norm, the reality however is that we still live in an extremely violent world where criminals rights are protected more than that of the victim.

During the course of my job I have witnessed and been involved in countless assaults that have resulted in the alleged perpetrator of the crime being released by the police with no further action taking place. As unbelievable as that may sound it is true. In many cases and with video evidence I have had to vigorously insist that they are arrested, they are then later released with a slap on the wrist and a verbal caution with the victim receiving no justice.

Justice for victims of crime whether this is in the home, or on the street, should be the priority for every police force across the world, unfortunately this is not the case. Regardless of what the police PR units send out to the public in media responses to horrific violent attacks, the reality is that you only ever hear of the most serious of cases getting convicted and sent to prison. 

Jersey (UK) is portrayed as a safe holiday destination, however it has an underlying sub culture of violence and drugs that the normal person does not want to see. It is not exempt from the criminal activity that plagues cities across the world. The rights of victims of violent crime are being ignored across the world in favor of liberal do gooders that are protecting the perpetrators of crime rather than the victims that have suffered from their criminal acts of violence, drugs, and antisocial behaviour.

Jersey is a huge finance center situated in the English channel, it is home to over 106,000 people and every week the local paper is full of cases of violent crime. This is happening in every aspect of our society, the reasons are numerous, lack of opportunity, a massive drug culture, the reluctance of our government to accept that we actually have a problem with an unwillingness to tackle antisocial and criminal behaviour.

A large proportion of incidents can be attributed to a huge increase in tax on alcohol that is forcing people to drink excessively at home rather than go out and socialize in a controlled regulated environment such as bars and night-clubs. Covid 19 has also caused huge problems with antisocial behaviour increasing and illegal Covid parties attracting large numbers of people, who inevitably drink vast quantities of alcohol. They then turn up at the clubs (if they are open) seriously drunk. When refused entry they then kick off and want to fight.

This is now standard practice every weekend.

It is only when the assault or incident is so severe that the police will act. It appears that there is a definite swing in our society to only arrest criminals for the most serious of crimes. This is sending a message out to violent criminals that they can do what they like with no consequence to their action.

In one such case a known criminal had been convicted of 112 crimes, he was sent to prison for 6 months for breaching court orders and probation. The judge had this to say:

‘This very much looks like your last chance, otherwise the full weight of the court and law will be thrown down if necessary,’ Sir William warned. ‘You have an absolutely appalling record and an obvious drinking problem. The court thinks that you are an alcoholic and you need help to deal with that.
‘If you do continue with this, you will be in and out of prison for the rest of your days and you will probably have a much shorter life as well because of the impact that binge-drinking can have on your health. 
‘If you look at the consequences of your offending on your victims, it has quite an impact on them as they begin to lose their confidence to go about their day-to-day duties. The court has said many times that violent conduct in St Helier – in the streets, bars and clubs – will result in custodial sentences.’

I have no idea what the judge was thinking when he gave his verdict on this case, but this criminal is known within the justice system and has had 112 chances of rehabilitation. Because the sentences are not severe enough and offer no deterrent they keep on re-offending.

Even if you do make a complaint to the police because you are being harassed they will not do anything about it until a crime has taken place. This is a fact not fiction. Their advice is "give us a call if he comes back" the fact that you get put through to a switch board that takes 10 minutes to answer (if at all) when you call the police, is something of a joke, if it was not true.

The liberal do-gooders do not have to deal with these people on a regular basis. Tougher sentencing is the only way to protect the public from habitual criminals like this.

Jersey's Drug Culture

Drugs are also a big problem Jersey and contribute to the rising crime rate in Jersey, where there is money you will have a drug problem. And Jersey has a lot of money in the Finace and building industry, the local paper, The Jersey Evening Post, recently published a warning to all drug users that an extremely strong batch was in the island with one 18 year already dead from taking it. We found a packet on the floor of the club and handed it to the police who at first were reluctant to even touch it!

I am not joking!

Suspected bag of MDMA drugs found in the club.

Whether someone is arrested is in many cases down to the police officer who attends the scene at the time of the incident. I have had some very good working relationships with some very hard-working officers that actively want to protect the public and apply the word of law.

However, I have also had the misfortune to speak and deal with officers that did not want to get involved in anything, even when trying to hand them a bag of suspected drugs that were found in the night club. I am not exaggerating when I say they did not want to handle the contents of a plastic bag with pills in it, it was only after another two officers turned up who did inspect the contents, they then bagged it as evidence and removed it from my colleague's possession.

We never heard any more about it or what the contents were even after the police said they would inform us of it. Bearing in mind that a teenager had just died in recent weeks from taking MDMA the police response was simply not good enough.

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